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  • Turns every MAC or PC equipped with a reasonable sound card into a professional, eye friendly, standalone audio metering device.
  • Supports MME, ASIO, WASAPI on PC and CoreAudio on MAC.
  • 12 different tools , user defined workspaces.
  • Up to 12 instruments in any combination can be used in one workspace.
  • Made for: Music Mastering (CD, DVD-Video, SACD, Blue Ray).
  • Standards: VU, QPPM, SPPM.
  • PPM, LDN Meter, FFT, Goniometer, Correlation, Multi Frequency Correlation, EBU Loudness, EBU Integrated, LEQ Numeric, Spectral View, RTA and TCPIP Logging.
  • PPM with Katz scales.
  • 24/7 Logger for Remote Server up to 4 Stereo Programs.
  • PGAMMWire plugin. The wire plugin provides a way to send up to 32 channels signals from a host DAW to PG-AMM-Lite without using your sound card inputs. It is available as VST, RTAS and AU.
  • All instruments a scaleable and can be maximized.
  1. PPM Meter (flat RMS, QPPM, VU or ITU, Katz Scales)
  2. 128 Bands FFT
  3. Correlation
  4. Loudness Meter
  5. Gonio Meter
  6. Multi Frequency Correlation
  7. EBU Loudness
  8. EBU Integrated
  9. LEQ Numeric
  10. Spectral View
  11. Loudness Network Logger
  12. RTA

Price 349.00€ (incl. 19% VAT)