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Pinguin manufactures and publishes reference audio software products for professional audio and video applications. The company started to design software for measuring audio quality parameters in 1989. They were the first who implemented highest precision peak and spectral metering on PC's for digital proaudio systems since the birth of the CD.

In the 90's the PINGUIN Audio Multimeter products were used mainly in the best international mastering houses for visual quality check. From 2000 onwards Pinguin's new 365/24 logger software found its way into most of the european public radio broadcasting stations, supported the introduction of standardized loudness metering and helped the paradigm change to loudness based leveling. Pinguin created customized versions to optimize workflows on demand. An affordable "Lite" Version was created for artists. Universities and students can ask for education discounts

Since 2021 there is - optionally to a dongle - a software based product activation code available with an instant electronic delivery for modern web shops.

Audio Metering Software


Entry version of PG-AMM. Up to 6 instruments out of 6 in any combination can be used in one workspace.

PG-AMM Stereo

Stereo version of PG-AMM. Up to 12 instruments out of 12 in any combination can be used in one workspace.

PG-AMM Surround

Surround version of PG-AMM. Up to 12 instruments out of 14 in any combination can be used in one workspace.

PG-AMM Enterprise

Enterprise version of PG-AMM. Up to 24 instruments out of 17 in any combination can be used in one workspace.

Loudness Normalizer

Tool to analyze & normalize audio files according to EBU R-128

Loudness Server

TCPIP 24/7 loudness logging. Included in 3.1 PG-AMM-Stereo, Surround and Enterprise Installers.

Audio Plug-Ins

Roomenizer Surround

Creates extremely NATURAL Virtual Environments from 2D till 5.1 AUDIO

Roomenizer Immersive

Creates extremely NATURAL Virtual Environments 3D (AURO-3D, DOLBY ATMOS till 9.1.4)

Pinguin Research & Development


The R&D department covers two research topics: sound field analysis and recreation with a focus on multi-channel spatial acoustics. By being an active member of international standard committees of ITU and EBU the company paves the way for better sounding broadcasts on one side and hyper-natural environmental simulation solutions for postpro and installation business. OEM business with own patented IP is also on PINGUIN's service menu.

Long-term research led to a comprehensive library of acoustic fingerprints. Those 3D fingerprints simulate natural ambiences in a unique way: 3D Audio.
Pinguin created solutions for advanced 3D Audio entertainment systems in cinemas and cars. The company designed in 2005 the immersive, acoustical lab (called "3D Akustikprojektor") as a mobile construction for simulating ambiences and holds the patent for AuroMatic® method. (an upmixer from mono/stereo to latest immersive audio formats including height channels, eg. Auro3D)


The Pinguin Studios

Studio 1 is a hybrid analogue post-production facility for stereo and 5.1-surround. A SSL 48ch Duality console with a STAGETEC Nexus converter/matrix exhibits the best workflow even for huge sessions in different formats.
Studio 2 is the digital post-production studio for 3D sound formats like Auro3D. At the same time it serves as a 3D laboratory for R&D projects. Pinguin is capable of converting given audio material to any current format, including the Auro-3D® format.

Pinguin is capable of converting given stereo audio material into any immersive format, including the established Auro-3D® or Dolby Atmos® formats.

Up-mixing any input format to 3D audio is either a fully or half automated process and can be done in many efficient ways. Moreover Pinguin can record channel intensive live concerts for various budgets for immersive audio productions.
The company has extensive experiences and the required infrastructure for handling complex music productions and creating CD/DVD/Blue-Ray as well as streaming masters. All studio work is done by a quality-conscious team, meeting highest standards, caring for accuracy, always the best result in mind.