Pinguin Research & Development

The R&D department covers different pro audio related research topics, e.g.: accurate visualisation of audio quality parameters, sound field analysis and recreation with a focus on multi-channel spatial acoustics.
By being an active member of international standard committees of ITU and EBU the company paves the way for better sounding broadcasts.

Long-term research led to a comprehensive library of acoustic fingerprints. Those 3D fingerprints simulate natural ambiences in a unique way: 3D Audio.
Pinguin creates solutions for advanced 3D Audio entertainment systems in cinemas and cars. The company designed the mobile acoustical lab (called "3D Akustikprojektor") as a mobile construction for simulating ambiences and enjoying Auro-3D® sound.

Pinguin is a recognized research institute (BAMF - Federal Office for Migration and Refugees) and can issue official hosting agreements. Depending on current projects we like to invite international audio researchers to Hamburg.
Our research projects were partly sponsored by the BMWi - Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.